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Fly Fishing Cremation Urns

“Along the banks of purling streams, [fly fishers] have ever been found, drinking deep of the invigorating forces of nature-giving rest and tone to over-taxed brains and wearied nerves—while gracefully wielding the supple rod, the invisible leader, and the fairy-like fly.” – (James Henshall, Physician and avid fly fisherman, 1855)

Fly fishing is a sport, an art, and an exercise in mindfulness. However you see it, there are few experiences as all-consuming as working one’s way upstream to find a promising pool or riffles. Dr Henshall observed over 150 years ago that there is meditative quality to fly fishing that provides a rich reward to an otherwise challenging sport. It requires multiple skills that take years to develop, and potentially a lifetime or more to ‘master’. Whether fishing with dear friends, family, or alone, it can be a magical experience – especially if the flies stay out of the trees!

These bronze sculpture memorials will be a stunning centerpiece for a funeral or Celebration of Life ceremony, as well as a beautiful memorial in the home for years (or generations) to come, whether you keep, bury, or scatter the ashes.  We are creating art that stands above the same-old mass-produced box or vase-shaped cremation urns sold by nearly every funeral home across the country!

The artfully shaped box that houses the ashes is made from solid walnut. The flocked interior can store other mementos alongside the ashes. The top plate of the walnut container is the sculpture’s base, allowing it to be displayed with or without the ash container. Metal pins accurately position the top plate onto the base and screws securely lock everything together.

Because these sculptures are hand-crafted, there will be slight variations between pieces.

Learn how our legacy memorials are made.