Custom Designs

Fine Art Memorials wants to help you create a meaningful piece of art to honor a legacy. We can go from a slight tweak to one of existing designs to a fully custom sculpture.

Customize Existing Designs

We can modify one of our existing designs to your needs. Did Dad wear a certain color cap when he went fishing? We can do a custom patina. We can even modify one of existing sculptures while it’s in wax. We can hide someone’s initials somewhere in the sculpture or make other small modifications in wax prior to casting in bronze. Most minor customizations would require a 5% – 10% premium over the standard price. Contact us and let’s discuss your ideas.

Custom patinas may be done within a week if we strip and re-patina a sculpture that’s already complete. Modifying a sculpture in wax may take 6 – 8 weeks since it would have to go through the full casting process.

New Sculpture Designs

We are open to commissioning totally new designs. Sculptures that follow existing themes would be easier and less expensive to implement, particularly if it’s something we’ve wanted to add as a standard offering.

New sculptures may take weeks or months to complete and create molds for. The casting and patina process will be another 6 – 8 weeks once the original artwork is completed.

Customized Wooden Vessels

We can customize our wooden vessels as well. Do you want a wood other than walnut? Different stain colors? Inlays? We can help make your memorial how you like!

Contact us and we can discuss whatever ideas you have.

Custom Designs