Is Cremation or Burial The More Eco-Friendly Option?

Is Cremation Greener Than Burial?

Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, and those exposed to embalming fluids over a long period of time have three times the normal risk of contracting ALS and eight times the risk for leukemia.

Lost History

Every day we lose a little bit of history as people pass away. Imagine how amazing it would be for us to have recordings of people talking about fighting in the Civil War or describing life on a homestead. We can provide this sort of gift to future generations, but we have to act.

Art Bronze vs Cheap Sculpture

We did a quick video to help highlight the differences between art bronze sculptures and standard retail art, and why those differences show up in price.

An Epic Obit

…Unlike the typical obit that captures the usual essential facts and family details, her story was heavy on fiction and inside jokes (including an awesome Seinfeld reference)! The write-up was made even better for those in on the joke as she wove truthful details of Rick’s life throughout the fantastical points…

Hello world!

Fine Art Memorials is being launched to give people an alternative to the typical mass-produced urns.  We are seeking to create beautiful, lasting memorials to well-lived lives. 

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